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Dividends Distribution History

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For the year ended

Type of Dividend

Dividend per share

Ex Date

Payment Date

30-0ct-23 Final Dividend 2 sen 18-Apr-24   3-May-24
30-0ct-24 First Interim 2 sen 28-Dec-23 26-Jan-24
30-0ct-23 Second Interim 2 sen 12-Oct-23 28-Oct-23
30-0ct-23 First Interim 3 sen 12-Jul-23 27-Jul-23
30-0ct-22 Final Dividend 2 sen 6-Apr-23 20-Apr-23
30-0ct-22 Third Interim 2 sen 14-Dec-22 10-Jan-23
30-0ct-22 Second Interim 2 sen 13-0ct-22 28-0ct-22
30-0ct-22 First Interim 2 sen 12-Jul-22 27-Jul-22
31-Oct-21 Final Dividend 2 sen 14-Apr-22 10-May-22
31-Oct-21 Second Interim 2 sen 24-Nov-21 20-Dec-21
31-Oct-21 First Interim 1 sen 20-May-21 4-Jun-21
31-Oct-20 Final Dividend 2 sen 22-Apr-21 10-May-21
31-Oct-20 Fourth Interim 2 sen 24-Dec-20 15-Jan-21
31-Oct-20 Third Interim 2 sen 12-Nov-20 4-Dec-20
31-Oct-20 Second Interim 2 sen 3-Sep-20 21-Sep-20
31-Oct-19 Final Dividend 2 sen 29-Apr-20 18-May-20
31-Oct-20 First Interim 1 sen 13-Dec-19 3-Jan-20
31-Oct-19 Special Interim 1 sen 13-Dec-19 3-Jan-20
31-Oct-19 Second Interim 2 sen 30-Oct-19 14-Nov-19
31-Oct-19 First Interim 2 sen 29-Jul-19 15-Aug-19
31-Oct-18 Final Dividend 2 sen 13-May-19 29-May-19
31-Oct-18 Second Interim 2 sen 28-Nov-18 20-Dec-18
31-Oct-18 First Interim 2 sen 2-Aug-18 27-Aug-18
31-Oct-17 Final Dividend 3 sen 26-Apr-18 15-May-18
31-Oct-17 Special Interim 1 sen 27-Dec-17 15-Jan-18
31-Oct-17 Second Interim 2 sen 13-Nov-17 30-Nov-17
31-Oct-17 First Interim 2 sen 30-Jun-17 21-Jul-17
31-Oct-16 Final Dividend 2 sen 5-Apr-17 21-Apr-17
31-Oct-16 Third Interim 2 sen 22-Nov-16 15-Dec-16
31-Oct-16 Second Interim 2 sen 15-Jul-16 29-Jul-16
31-Oct-16 First Interim 2 sen 6-Jan-16 22-Jan-16
31-Oct-15 Final Dividend 2 sen 10-May-16 19-May-16
31-Oct-15 Second Interim 3 sen 30-Sep-15 16-Oct-15
31-Oct-15 First Interim 3 sen 21-Jul-15 12-Aug-15
31-Oct-14 Final Dividend 3 sen 6-May-15 18-May-15
31-Oct-14 Second Interim 2 sen 6-Jan-15 6-Feb-15
31-Oct-14 First Interim 3 sen 8-Oct-14 7-Nov-14
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